Friday, December 7, 2012

developing pre-reading skills

Sometimes parents can be in a rush to get their child reading, but at the kindergarten level, it really is fine to read to your child and have the listen. There are some basic things, the hows and whys or reading, that young children learn simply by becoming familiar with books. They learn that each book has an author, and often an illustrator. They also learn that writing is read from left to right, for example, and they learn these subtle things just by watching and by listening as you point out interesting things when reading them a story.

When your child gets a little older, you can begin teaching phonics. There are many phonics programs on the market, or you can design your own. The idea is to make the it automatic in a child’s brain to see or hear a certain sound or letter and be able to piece those bits together into a word. In other words, teaching phonics teaches decoding skills. Suddenly, that jumble of letters on the page makes sense to a child, and then the world of books opens to them!

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