Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Pilgrims and Thanksgiving

I have some fond memories of the things I did in school around Thanksgiving, and I try each year to incorporate some of those things into our homeschool. For example, I remember making placemats by dipping my hand in paint and putting my handprint on a large piece of paper, then decorating my handprint as if it were a turkey. So I did that with my kids this year!

Have you made turkeys out of a pine cone and some craft feathers? The kids loved that one too. Another thing that we've enjoyed it talking about what the Pilgrims really ate for their first Thanksgiving. If you're teaching your kids some form of nutrition lessons this year, this is a great go-along with that. When the Pilgrims were just getting established here in America, food was scarce. But during their second year, the harvest was bountiful, and their overall health and nutrition was much improved. It's an awful lot of fun for a kindergartener to pretend to be a Pilgrim and do some meal-planning for a Thanksgiving feast!

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