Thursday, April 7, 2011

Record Keeping

Have you thought about what type of records you should keep on your kindergartner? Perhaps the online resource you use keeps records for you. If they do, you are blessed. Simply print the reports and file away, store on your computer, or transfer to a jump drive and store. Some states require home school parents to keep records each year. You might not ever be required to turn those records in, but it is worthwhile to keep them handy. Besides, it is a great way to see the progress or lack of progress your student has made for the year.
It is a good idea to keep records showing some of the following:

~Subjects studied
~Grades (if you keep grades) for each grading period, the semester, and the year.
~Mastered skills
~Areas of concern or areas you would like to see improvement
~Resources used
~Field trips taken
~Samples of writing assignments
~Books read by your child or books you read to your child

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