Monday, March 21, 2011

Length and Depth

Have you ever wondered how long the school day should be for your kindergartner? Have you ever wondered what skills should be included each day? Keep in mind that you are homeschooling, this is not a brick and mortar environment. While the public school student attends classes for approximately 7 hours, many of those minutes and hours are spent lining up to go to the bathroom, lining up to go to lunch, lining up to go to recess or another class. Public classroom teachers spend quite a bit of time passing out papers to 20 children, stopping a lesson to discipline a child, explaining and re-explaining a lesson until everyone understands... These are activities that will not be a time waster for you. The typical day for your kindergartner will be approximately three hours long, or less. Some days might be a little longer and some days might be a little shorter. As far as the subjects are concerned, make sure you include math, reading (phonics), science, art, music, social studies, life skills, physical activity, writing, and whatever else your child is most interested in learning.

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