Friday, July 25, 2014

Do you teach your children cursive handwriting?

Do you teach your children cursive handwriting? 

The majority of public schools do not teach cursive handwriting. When asked if they cover this, the standard answer is only if the teacher has time and wants to teach it. That is very sad. I have used handwriting worksheets to help my children learn cursive. I do not insist my children have perfect cursive handwriting but I do want them to be able to write in cursive. More importantly I want my children to be able to READ cursive writing. 

Even though we live in a day of computers and key boards. There are all kinds of fonts out there and cursive type fonts are out there too. Another good reason for my children to learn cursive is so that they may be able to grow and create their own signature. A signature is a powerful thing and each one should be different. Our children need cursive to have the basis for their unique signature. 

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