Thursday, August 2, 2012

enrichment activities for young children

Homeschooling is one thing, but what about after school hours? What can homeschoolers do as enrichment activities to further their education? One thing parents often overlook is the contribution that art and music make on a growing child’s brain. Kids need a chance to explore their artistic, creative side too. With that in mind, art classes, music lessons, and creative thinking exercises are excellent choices for homeschoolers. Even at the kindergarten level, a child's brain can benefit from the extra stimulation.

Enrichment activities that teach kids to apply the knowledge they’ve learned are also quite helpful. For example, after several lessons about counting money, have your child help you add up your purchases at the store, or help you make change. Or perhaps after learning about weather, have them read the weather forecast and let you know if you need to cover your plants to protect them from frost. Even the act of helping you to cover those plants will help them understand the concept.

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