Friday, June 1, 2012

Do you have this probem too? Little ones in the way!

This happens way too often at my house! How can homeschooling mothers still accomplish their goals for the day with a baby or toddler needing their attention? If you have several children, you’ve undoubtedly dealt with this issue. You can either choose a curriculum that requires very little input from parents, or you can find ways to keep your little one(s) occupied during school time.

You could try conducting lessons with a baby or toddler in your lap, while they perhaps play quietly or eat a snack. There could also be a special box of favorite toys that are only allowed out during school time, to keep little hands busy. I've found Play-Doh works great to keep a two year old occupied. Mostly though, just have patience and you'll get through the day. Eventually the schoolwork will get done!

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