Saturday, January 21, 2012


Technology is here to stay. Don’t you wish you had been given the opportunities your child takes for granted today? Most adults over 35 or 40 were not blessed to be able to learn about computers and such back in the day. Kids of today, even kindergarten age kids, are introduced to technology at an early age and taught how to use it. Most good online curriculum resources integrate technology into their curriculum in order to prepare your student for 21st century work and learning environments. Technology can help to motivate students and engage students in ways that other educational tools cannot. Technology isn't just computers and computer programs. Digital cameras, projectors, scanners and "Leap Frog"-type systems are also ways to incorporate technology into kindergarten. The following list describes the most common technology skills that are taught at the kindergarten level.
  • Keyboard and mouse basics
  • Parts of a computer
  • Introduction to word processing
  • Beginning graphics skills
  • Beginning keyboarding

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