Monday, November 21, 2011


“I don’t want to do my school work today.” “Do I have to do my school work?” “I hate doing school.” “Just a few more minutes of television and then I promise I will finish my school work.” “I wish school was more fun.” How many times have you heard statements like these? I bet more times than you wish. School is not always fun everyday, however, you can make it a bit more interesting if you incorporate rewards and incentives along the way. Motivation, especially intrinsic motivation (the motivation that comes from within ones self), is a critical part of the education process. Motivation is a necessity so that learning becomes a continuing, improving, interesting and hopefully enjoyable process. Rewards are a part of the motivation process.

Reward ideas can be as simple as a sticker chart your child fills in each time a subject or assignment is completed--complete the activity, put a sticker on the chart. When a row is completed, a prize of some sort is earned. Game boards are even more fun. Check out this link for an idea involving a very cool and interesting game board your child is sure to have fun playing. I bet things are soon to change around your house very soon!

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