Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Tortoise and the Hare Syndrome

Little Johnny just can not remember his ABC’s or his numbers. Little Suzy knows all her ABC’s but she only knows fifteen words. Sally Ann has mastered the whole alphabet and knows her numbers to 100. She is reading very short books all on her own. Have you heard stories like these? Perhaps you see yourself in one of the stories. This is the tortoise and the hare syndrome. Some kids seem to hit the nail on the head and advance very quickly while others make progress, but it is slow going. Well, this is not a race. Children should be allowed to progress at their own speed. Most of us learn differently because we have different learning styles. Do you know your child’s learning style? (watch for more about learning styles in the next post)

It is important that your online curriculum uses student-paced lessons or bite-sized lessons. This makes it much easier for the child to comprehend the lesson and ensures a much higher percentage of activities being properly completed. Also, if you think your child is too slow or much too fast, re-examine your goals. It could be that your expectations are set too high or too low for your child.

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